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Rethink your relationship with food

CREATE. Taste. Inspire.



luxury food retail hospitality management - commercial procurement operations projects

R M DE SOUSA is a small independent consultancy workshop, kitchen, atelier specialised in luxury, exclusive,  retail and hospitality businesses. Our regular clients include small, medium and larger organisations. Projects vary from idea initiation, concept planning, implementation, training, monitoring, restructuring, upgrading and upscaling. Our knowhow includes both floor and office experiences and in support functions such as project management, general management, operations, buying, procurement, production, warehousing, recruitment, marketing, food safety, health & safety, security and fire safety. We have proficient knowledge of IT applications  and regularly keeping up to date with the latest news and trends through our contacts, International fairs, media, professional associates and affiliations.

We love to inspire and be inspired, we love food...


Rui De Sousa, founder

Dynamic and performance-driven food specialist, with 15 years in business management and a forward-thinking background in the achievement of profitable business growth through the creation and execution of successful commercial, opearational and marketing strategies. Experienced developing leading Food Halls, shops and restaurants in quality driven segments of the retail and hospitality markets with focus on leading teams to achieve exceptional customer service and delivery of financial targets. Paxionate about the environment, sustainable businesses, natural law, electric universe thunderbolts project. Studied at Birkbeck College, London University and trained in Speciality Food, Buying, Management, NPD and Finance, with world leading experts, at Harrods, Knightsbridge, UK.



CREATE - This is where everything starts, initial meetings, setting up plans, brainstorming, networking, project management, operations management, marketing, purchasing, distribution, CRM


TASTE - Everyday we challenge our senses with recipe development, new product development, food preparation, food & hygiene, food preservation, food storage, essential equipment 


INSPIRE - our desire to share knowledge is contagious - tasting sessions, supper clubs, masterclasses, food safety, environmental, social responsibility